Pickerington, Ohio Real Estate Market Update for December

It was a fairly good month on the Pickerington, Ohio real estate market, especially if you were a home buyer.

According to the most recent market data, home sales prices have decreased, despite the fact that home sales have increased.

Continue reading to learn more about recent market activity, and what it means for you as a Pickerington area home buyer.

Pickerington Properties for Sale

Here’s an overview of the current state of the Pickerington, Ohio housing market, based on the most recent information available:

  • Right now there are 415 resale and new homes on the market, including 138 distressed properties.
  • The average price per square foot for a Pickerington home is $76, down 6.2 percent  when compared to the same time last year.
  • Between August and October, the median sales price for a home was $152,500, down 3.2 percent when compared to last year.
  • Between August and October of this year, the number of home sales increased by 8.5 percent when compared to the year before.
  • Last year, the median sales price for a Pickerington property was $157,500.
  • During the week ending on Nov. 23, the average listing price for Pickerington homes was $212,266, down 0.4 percent from the week before.
  • During that previous week, the average listing price was $213,051.
  • During the week ending on Nov. 23, the median sales price for a 2-bedroom Pickerington home was $91,250.
  • The median sales price for a 3-bedroom home was $137,750.
  • And the median sales price for a 4-bedroom home was $176,000

 Your Pickerington, Ohio REALTORS

If you’re an interested Pickerington home buyer, the most recent activity on the local housing market should be good news for you.

That’s because home sales prices are remaining low, even as market activity is increasing. In a typical market, home sales prices start to rise soon when area home sales increase.

Thus, if you’re trying to get a great deal on a Pickerington area home for sale, now would be a great time to enter the market.

For help on finding your dream home and getting a great price for it, I recommend that you contact me, Michael Pacifico, and my team of Pickerington area REALTORS.

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